Notations Regarding the Specified Commercial Transaction Act - Tokyo Speed Wi-Fi - Pocket Wifi Rental
Notations Regarding the Specified Commercial
Transaction Act
Distributors F.O.P.INC.
Head of Operations Teruo Kaneko
Address 〒153-0064
Tokyo,muguro-ku,shimomeguro 1-1-11
Megurotoyo Building 5F
Contact Tokyo Speed Wi-Fi Customer Center
Email Address
Trade Name Tokyo Speed Wi-Fi
Payment Method Credit Card
Quantity Minimum of 1 device
Delivery Time As early as 2 days after signing up
Defective Devices AND Return Policy In the event that a device is defective, or becomes damaged in transit, We will refund the full price,
please sending E-mail to the Tokyo Speed Wi-Fi Customer Center.
We will bear the return shipping costs for any device(s) provided the return is for reasons attributable to our company,
such as becoming dirty or damaged due to an accident during transit.(only in Japan)
If you use such a device for any communication before returning it,
we will charge a prorated basic fee as well as any applicable transmission fees.
Please note that we will not accept any returned device if it falls under either of the following:
*Any device that has been dirtied or damaged for reasons not attributable to our company.
About order You can order from 180 days ago. However, it is not possible to return, refund, or change after 30 days from the order date. Please note。